Comment: I question if it is sympathetic to liberty...

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I question if it is sympathetic to liberty...

...And I was REALLY excited when my friend has pointed out that a Ron Paul 2008 sticker was in Gale's notebook. That really got me interested. Plus the libertarian ideas Gale spouts about the drug war, and states that he is more of a "libertarian". That was cool.

But, after a little longer, I couldn't but help see certain things that made me question whether the producers/writers/creators of the story were actually libertarian minded.

The portraying of the lawyer, (which is a scumbag pretty much) and the constitution behind his desk in his office, was the first I think. Him spouting about the Constitution and the rights it guarantees, and him being a scumbag lawyer, didn't portray people as liking the Constitution too well, in fact, made people who spouted the Constitution look like a scumbag (as this character is a criminal). That I didn't like.

Then there were later things, (like in the last season I think) where Walt uses the word "liberty" in incidents that tried justifying his psycho actions. Using the word "liberty" will always catch my attention, for obvious reasons, and I didn't like his use of it. Again, using to justify his psycho actions. That made me concerned again. Didn't like that. I thought hmmm, is this show FOR or against libertarianism, I thought.

Then lastly, the very last episode! The fact that Hank finds the book from Walt Whitman. Now, I will say that I am not really familiar with Walt Whitman's work that much, but the things I HAVE heard and/or read, sounded Liberty oriented to me. I am not sure if this is correct? (someone may be able to clarify this?) So this last one may be one int he air. But anyways, I thought I HAVE read some good liberty oriented ideas from Walt Whitman before from people on the DP.

So finding this book, or the book that Walt has been seemingly been reading throughout this time (which is shown more often as the show goes on) and having Walt becoming crazier as the show goes on, made me think that the show was portraying the two as causes? Showing Walt getting crazier and/or more cold, and showing that he is reading this book by Walt Whitman, shows to me that the show is almost trying to make a correlation to the two. Now again, I haven't read Walt Whitman's literature (only things I think I've seen the DP posters post) so maybe I am reading this one wrong? (Any help from those who have read Whitman's literature would be of help)

So yea, that is what made me question whether or not the people behind breaking bad were truly libertarian oriented. Or did it change later on in the show? With the writers maybe changing the attitude on the libertarian philosophy? Did it get too "main-stream" and seemed to switch it up as to make libertarianism look bad? I almost feel that way at times.

Anyone else notice this? Put your 2 cents in.

P.S. sorry for the long post, but I have to admit I have analyzed this a lot when i was first watching it with my friends, and had to get it out. :)

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