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If it is from the People then prove it!

We are suppose to have a representative republic based on bounded contractually defined government capacities of operational capability. The republic is supposed to have representatives that re-present the information instructed to them by their local constituency delegation. They do not do this. The so called "representatives" "pass bills" they have never read but some how gets interpreted as being applicable to everyone. So claiming the legislature is acting on behalf of the "people" is a lie. There is no delegations instructing them on what to represent, they just do what ever lobbyist pay them to do. This activity can in no way derive any provable form of consent of the governed because making such false claims is either ignorance of the facts or an outright lie.

If they are acting on behalf of "the people" as they may claim then prove it to me. No one in the court can prove that their claims are true because they are not. The most obvious, easiest and only lawful way for the Plaintiff of the State to prove to actually be in agency to the People is to have the member of the governed state the elements in their cause of action against the accused while facing them in a Court of Law. This is the Lawful path. You may say what about the case of murder? How can the victim face the accused? That has already been solved as well in common law. If a lawful investigation of a death is concluded to be at the hands of another man/woman then when the accusations are filed the agent is presuming the accused is speaking due to the lawful requirement to secure the right of life. When the court is notified of the claims of the deceased as being filed in agency the silence of the victim is consent to the action because in the case of unnatural death it is beyond the courts lawful power to compel the accuser to face the accused. Even this scenario maintains lawful congruency within all Law.

Their claims are not only colorable but the whole series of others crimes being carried out by them indeed demonstrates beyond all reasonable doubt that they are acting in a criminal nature. If they were not acting criminally then they would enable the facts to be presented, ensure that the protections of Law are maintained and operate within Lawfully defined bounds of their contractual capacity. They won't because they are criminals who conspire and commit fraud, extortion, theft, assault and more everyday all the time. The only thing they seem to be doing at all is crime because they almost never have victims for "criminal actions" and those who are victims injured by real criminals seeking remedy from their "agents" never have relief. They will commit crime all day long everyday but they won't serve their function in enabling victims to seek remedy. Isn't this obvious??

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...