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Well... I think the truth is McCain was actually born OFF BASE

in a local hospital in Colon, Panama. Technically that makes him ineligible. They had a government hearing about McCain's citizenship status. During that hearing, McCain claimed that he was born on a naval base, but I believe much, much later it was unearthed that he was really born in a Panama hospital. Obama and Hillary both pushed for McCain to be declared a natural born citizen to allow him to run for president. US embassies and military bases are considered US soil no matter what country they are in. Ambassadors that have children overseas I believe are given special privilege that their children will be natural born regardless of the actual country they are residing in.

Ultimately, I don't think McCain qualified because he was born under the jurisdiction of Panama giving him automatic split loyalties. However they said he did qualify. They knew he wouldn't qualify without being born on a naval base. In 2008, Sen. Claire McCaskill (co-sponsored by Clinton and Obama)introduced a bill specifically trying to change the definition of Natural Born Citizen to include all children born of military parents. However this bill failed to pass. (Democrats helping a Repub run?...mmmm) And earlier in 2003 another Democrat introduced a bill to allow people who were not natural born but had lived here for 35 years to serve as president and or vice president. Why the need for that bill? It didnt' pass...but still.