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It REALLY IS a scam

You got THAT right! Here in British Columbia the Auto Insurance rates are HIGH. It's just as you said. Mandatory insurance was a sales pitch based on lies. BC used to have very low Auto Insurance rates, but now they are out of sight. Now the Auto Insurance is run through a government-controlled corporation [ie. a virtual monopoly]. It suppresses competition and pretty much dictates what it wants. Nowadays, when people move in from out of province, they have a heart attack when they find out how much it costs!

A really FREE MARKET is the only way to solve this.

1. Every person should have the right to NOT buy insurance, if they so choose. (I don't recommend that route. You'll still be liable for any damage you cause. But freedom means that Government doesn't make you a SLAVE by dictating what you buy.) Once the government FORCES you to buy insurance, then the insurance companies can GOUGE you all they want, and you have to pony up. You are then a SLAVE to the insurance company.

2. When people have the right to say NO to the blood-sucking insurance companies, the insurance companies have to lower the rates to where they are at lease reasonable, if they want to get any customers. It's simply "supply and demand" at work. There are two states in the USA that still don't have compulsory auto insurance: Virginia and New Hampshire. Not surprisingly, their rates are in the lower part of the price spectrum. Not only that, but the percentage of drivers in New Hampshire is the same, or better than other states where auto insurance is mandatory. PERSUASION, EDUCATION and FREEDOM are more productive than FORCE!

3. Now that BC has their crony corporation monopolizing auto insurance here, they are now using their power to "TIGHTEN THE SCREWS" ON THE PEOPLE by withholding the right to renew their auto insurance (thereby taking away their freedom to travel, commute to work, etc) if they are delinquent on bridge tolls, tickets and other things. Every year they add some other thing to the list. Folks, TYRANNY STARTS HERE. In a free country you don't lose your rights until AFTER you are convicted in court by a jury of your peers--you have the right to fully defend yourself before having your rights taken away. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty--NOT PRESUMED GUILTY until you can prove yourself innocent.