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I watched the

entire 3 hour press conference that the families of the dead Seal Team 6 held. It was heartbreaking, and their questions are very, very compelling.

The piece of crap Chinook helicopter they were on was made in the 1960's, and last retrofitted in the 80's. The passenger manifest was changed at the last minute, and seven men aboard are unaccounted for.

The rules of engagement our soldiers are required to follow over there are ridiculous and deadly.

One of the parents knew where his son would be that night, which means it's likely the shooters knew where they'd be.

People were spotted in a turret on a roof they were flying over, and triangulation of the ordnance fired at the helicopter was placed right in the area those men in the turret were seen. But the parents were told those where just people 'hanging crops' to dry?? At 2:00 a.m.? Yeah right.

They were all cremated immediately of course. The chaplain at the service wasn't allowed to talk about God or Jesus, but an Imam, who's eulogy was translated, had condemned their souls to hell.

Since then, their commander has 'committed suicide,' and two more men had 'parachute' malfunctions on the same day, killing one.

These boys were taken out to silence them.

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