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Funny what you say about the

Funny what you say about the rich old white people, I know an old guy from south Texas, big GOP guy, army vet on disability etc. that was talking to his Libertarian Party supporter daughter back in 2011.

he said he was probably going to go for the Grinch because he was "the most conservative", she told him to check out Ron Paul, he did, became a big supporter went too the state and national convention as a delegate (with his daughter as an alternate) I saw him at the big, "Guns Across Texas" rally this year, he said he became close friends with some of Ron's Texas Congressional Staffers, and was invited too his big going away retirement party, he said there was only a hand full of other folks there.

Now he is a big liberty candidate supporter running around on Debra Medina's facebook page and a bunch of others.