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Comment: Being Chosen is a way of Being, not tied to any one faith

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Being Chosen is a way of Being, not tied to any one faith

All faiths seem to teach the same principles generally centred around Love for God and for your fellow man. And if one actually lives by these principles honestly and fully, they too become "chosen" to then spread the message however they see fit to others seeking truth.

Many teachers have come and gone that taught others how to BE in/with God—in Love. But to fully understand that you MUST live it. Words don't teach, only experience teaches. You cannot learn to ride a bicycle simply by reading how to do it. You must get on the bike and practice.

Any person that claims their faith is more superior or THE chosen faith, is losing the meaning and truth behind their faith. Religions are metaphors for ONE God—ONE Source of Creation—ONE Energy at the core of all particles that make up the "physical" Universe.

Quantum Science is finally reaching these same conclusions. I see many sermons on Sunday TV that have shifted the way people talk about God and their experiential relationship to God. There is more practical application being taught now. Even the Jewish and Sunni programs I often see talk about how Faith is Universal and Religions are its cultural representations. Some say Pray, others say Meditate and science tells you to quiet your mind. Different words for the same practice.

And if you can come to that understanding, that ALL is ONE no matter the metaphor through which it is expressed—then you are truly one of the Chosen.

All this, of course, is my opinion based on my own experience.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin