Comment: Since I'm Jewish I know a little bit about it.

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Since I'm Jewish I know a little bit about it.

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Visited the DP today already and saw the thing about the kosher tax.

The Orthodox Union (OU) determines kosher standards for religious Jews regarding not only food, but also products like toilet paper, moisturizers, soap and anything made from living organisms. A religious Jew would be prohibited from keeping a Venus flytrap in their home just as an example. All fruits and vegetables are kosher with the exception of certain varieties of grapes that have to be grown in a particular kind of compost. However, bugs and worms that may be found in some fruits and vegetables are not kosher. Fruits and vegetables that are prone to this sort of thing should be inspected to ensure that they contain no bugs. Leafy vegetables like lettuce and herbs and flowery vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are particularly prone to bugs and should be inspected carefully. Strawberries and raspberries can also be problematic. The Star-K kosher certification organization has a very nice overview of the fruits and vegetables prone to this and the procedure for addressing it in each type.

Kosher animal slaughter is extremely specific and requires a high level of skill and Torah knowledge. A rabbi might study for a decade just to learn the procedure, and much like doctors pass along the cost of their education to their patients so does a rabbi pass along the cost of his studies to consumers. Kosher food is notoriously expensive. I cannot personally afford it. My parents got around this problem by splitting the cost of a steer with relatives and then dividing the carcass after slaughter so we would kosher it ourselves in the basement. You can imagine what kind of childhood I had. 600 lbs. of meat that all had to be soaked and salted 3 times before being wrapped and frozen. A little shop of Jewish horrors for a kid, but I suppose it's why I'm not particularly squeamish about blood and stuff today.