Comment: This coming from a man who "sailed" is single man skiff without

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This coming from a man who "sailed" is single man skiff without

ever noticing his skiff did not have a rudder. -- Priceless.

*The lesson, if we apply ourselves passionately to one thing, we MIGHT become brilliant at it (if we are lucky), but for everything else, we are "just average" and sometimes (unfortunately more often than not) "below average". It is safe to say that while Einstein was brilliant in physics of cosmology, yet when it came to understanding the physics of sailing, he was clearly "below average".

*The Take-away is this -- just because someone is an expert in one field, does not make them an expert or even wise about other fields of human knowledge. That is, don't take medical advice from a Free Market PHD and certainly, don't take economic advice from an MD. (unless he is that rare freak of nature who has had the time to mastered two fields of human knowledge such as Dr. Ron Paul).

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