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Your videos are giving opposite messages

Which one do you believe?

I assume by your subject title, you believe the first, that Hitler did not want to eliminate the Rothchildes (first vid).

Your second video, Yoel Weisshous, says the Rothchilds created Isreal to protect their money FROM Germany.. and yet, what's facinating is that the second vid, says the Rothchilds SPENT their money (private bank) establishing Israel, for, the one word most used, SOVREIGNTY (freedom).

I the 2nd vid, antioliarch, (AO) is saying "International/ Catholic/ Swiss bank system backed the Rothechild Israel campagn, and the socialists TOOK the money to create a central bank, and why Rothchild would rather build a state, Israel, FOR SOVREIGNITY and the right for people to build from a private bank, rather than a central bank.

In the YOUNG PLAN, what AO calls an international banking system, was private banks, and these were under attack to establish CENTRAL BANKS, which is what we are dealing with now.

The Bank for international settlements in Swizerland was, in large part, part of the Catholic banking system, as they had hundreds of years of establishing international communities, now called settlements (because settlements are not established to last long, but serve a purpose for taking the natural resources, including labor).

AO says the Neo-nazis are saying what I am saying, and he says, "this is total bunk". I am a zionist, I am not a neo-nazi, and it's interesting how I would agree with the Neo-nazis according to him, eh?

AO then makes a switch (goes off topic) to tell us about the American business interests in Germany, which to me was a central banking corporate move to HELP Germany go Central banking, and why the corporations were not damaged with direct bombing in Germany.

The Rockefellers were behind the Central banking and not who established Israel, but funded the UN and a global central banking system.

And I don't agree with hAO's assessment on Britian and Germany.. because the Kingdom was not so eager to go to Central banking, having ties in the private banking system (Catholic, International settlements/ Swiss bank).

Private banking established Israel through Rothchildes
Central banking established by Rockefellers (who backed Hitler, who resented being born a bastard to Rothchild).