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Comment: This news clip does not do it justice

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This news clip does not do it justice

The DOT seems to have given up.

It used to be(this has actually been going on for over a year easily - maybe more) that I would see the graffiti in the morning - and the next day or so the DOT would have it covered - note the dark green squares in the background - yup that's from multiple paint overs.
The person putting this up is relentless. The DOT would cover it - and within days - it was back. The main one they keep showing is impossible to miss - it is right before the downtown Hartford exits at a very busy, congested part of 91.

The latest set of graffiti has been up for quite a while now - I think the DOT has given up. It is also spreading further and further(I come from the south into Hartford and it is now popping up further and further south on 91)

It really does crack me up - it is a funny cat and mouse game - I hope they keep doing it.

Maybe they can tag the dot trucks so when they are covering the graffiti - it is on the truck. It will be like that old movie - turk182.