Comment: That is awesome you finally

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That is awesome you finally

That is awesome you finally moved away from the SoCal socialist 'utopia'. I am even more happy that you have embraced the country and freedom lifestyle in your new home in Montana. So many people have moved from CA to places like Utah and Northern Idaho when the housing market crashed and they took their whining and socialist policies with them. Here in Utah a bunch moved down south in Utah County near a public shooting area and complained until they shut it down... thanks assholes.

There are some things you will notice with your new lifestyle. The first is since you are on a well you will get used to fresh water and will soon be unable to drink any form of tap water. We have a well now and I have to bring water bottles everywhere because tap water tastes like public pool water now.

Your kids will grow up in nature and you will notice they will grow up to be real Men and know whats up more than their city slick counter parts- especially the ones from CA. I grew up in Eastern Washington and I probably wouldnt be here on this site or care about Liberty had I not grown up hiking, backpacking and exploring which allowed me to grow my own identiy beyond the mainstream media crap they feed our generation.

Anyway, I am excited you moved to such a great part of the world and wish you the best of luck on your business. I have a couple of buddies that own AR-15's. Ill let them know about your site as they are often looking for good places to get ammo.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.