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Comment: Incomplete Calculations?

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Incomplete Calculations?

Calling that which criminals do...

Failing to add the relative cost of what can be done in cases where criminals are not making crime pay so well.

To say that government does this or that, to me, is the most destructive tax paid by the wallowing, helpless, and powerless victims.

The criminals claim that their thoughts and actions constitute government and so the victims keep on investing into crime made legal with smiles on their faces?

Supposing that the criminals who invent, produce, and maintain this false government are accurately accounted in precise numerical values and to do so it is understood that the standard unit of purchasing power is agreed upon, voluntarily, then that net cost to those who produce anything worth stealing is like an stainless steel rod driven into the ground to mark that well earned victory over falsehood.

Here lies the number that represents the accurate, true, honest, factual cost paid by the victims to the criminals who took over government.

How about a starting point?

The obvious problems there are such that those people who claim to be the authorities are known liars. Not only that the actual numbers are categorically false, to a point of insanity. Not only that the standard of value is not a standard of value and instead of a standard of value the unit of measure is a demonstrable crime of fraud combined with a demonstrable crime of extortion that is minute by minute, day by day, year by year, demonstrated by the criminals who took over the Power of money and the Power of government whereby both powers can be offered in a Free Market, and instead both Powers are monopolized by those criminals perpetrated those crimes they define as they perpetrate those crimes.

So...what may be the final, irrefutable, known, realized, understood, actual, real, precise, accurate, cost of sending everything worth stealing to the criminals who then use that stolen loot to steal more, that number, once known, is not even half of the story.

The other half of the story is the story that is defined by honest, productive, people working, trading equitably, in Liberty.

Instead of FUNDING World War, what could be invested in, to get more bang for the buck, if free people are no longer slaves?

So, supposing that the apologists for criminal government were to agree upon a actual cost, a number, as if admitting, yes, your failure to stop paying the criminals better for their ability to injure you, cost you this much, supposing that the apologists for criminal government did that, saying yes, here is the number, that is still merely scratching the surfaces as to the true cost, since each kilo/watt hour of POWER taken from productive employment, whereby that POWER is used to destroy, is 1 more unit of POWER that could increase the standard of living, and lower the cost of living for anyone caring to do so in Liberty.