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In the footsteps of TP

Tom Paine?

On that note there is another angle of accounting whereby the effort adds up the collective cost, and again that is the dark side of things, having no mirror reflection to the other side, which is not half the measure, since one side is merely destructive, and therefore limited to all that can be destroyed, while the other side is unlimited as being that which can be done with that which is available.

Dealing with 300 million people, the actual total cost is measurable with 13 zeros.

So, in an abstract way, if I use the word abstract correctly, the cost to an average standard of living is in the trillions over time.

How much time?

The point is that it costs trillions to buy wars, persecute wars, world wide.

If those same trillions were employed productively, it seems to me, I could be vacationing on Mars by now.

Buying wars with Stolen Loot is routine at this point.

Failing to see that which is routine is a bad habit?