Comment: Guilty?

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No. Partially responsible... absolutely. Zimmerman was armed and a grown adult.

My take on the entire thing is that it was two people acting irresponsibly. I dont think Zimmerman is guilty, but I do believe he should have acted a bit more responsibly.

Trayvon, regardless of how anyone feels, was a child. I have a couple buckwild nephews and this kind of situation scares the crap out of me. I could see my nephew being an irrational kid, get pissed off about being followed and confront a person that was following him. Especially if he was not doing anything wrong.. I am not excusing Trayvon either. Please don't think I am.

Kids are kids.. full of raging hormones and energy. Zimmerman could have stayed in his car or asked the kid to identify himself.. this could have played out a million ways. At the end of the day though, a young kid died senselessly. Thats the point to me.. Had either side acted with more respect for one another, Trayvon would be alive.

I told my daughter that there were no winners and it was very sad for me personally. This trial has divided our country.

Its a slippery slope and I honestly did my best to stay out of it. I don't like these kinds of 'show trials'. Casey Anthony, OJ.. etc.

Her response rocked me because I hadn't heard anyone else bring up that point. Hell, yesterday I discussed it with a black lady and she was surprised by her question too.

Its just sad all the way around. I feel for all those involved because this entire event could have been avoided.

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