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What frustrates me...

...about my fellow ancaps is their tendency to think about private law as just another sector in the free market - but it isn't, because the free market already presupposes law enforcement, and law enforcement is inherently violent, not voluntary (so how can it be part of a *free* market?).

The conventional ancapism is based on a crude analogy: free market works in X, Y, and why not law? In my experience, that's really about the extent of the depth of their thinking, I hate to say it. Even Rothbard and his epigones don't get into any deeper analysis.

The basic idea of a stateless society is sound, but ancapism as presently constituted, i.e. based on the impossible idea of polycentric law, is not.

P.S. I might add, if this problem would be recognized by ancaps, there is a hugely fruitful area to be explored. We could finally develop the praxeology of involuntary interaction that Mises was talking about.

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