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Predictions, predictions

… so which DRO enforces its ruling?...the one that is strong enough…

In order for the strong DRO to win, it must be stronger than all the other DROs combined. Let’s assume that it is stronger than all of its competitors – why is this DRO so strong? It’s strong because of its customers. Its customers support it and it has many customers which indicates that the mentality of the DRO rulings reflect the mentality of its customers. But isn’t using force against all other competitive DROs expensive? In order to win, this strong DRO has to use a lot of violence. This is expensive for the customers and many customers will unsubscribe and find cheaper DROs who are more efficient and not crazed with violence and power. So in the end the free market will eliminate any imbalance and any monopoly that might arise and prevent a state from forming.

Whereas, if we design a non-aggressive monopoly and start with that, we can control its structure.

You can start with any structure you want but the customers will change the structure very quickly because the consumer is king.