Comment: Will someone please explain

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Will someone please explain

Will someone please explain to me why it is ok for a religious person to tell others they are going for hell because they do not believe in something that is without proof. They can talk down to them and ridicule the person and it is ok because "it is protected by the first amendment" (which the first amendment is there to protect anyone from being treated differently because of religion. You cannot threaten someone in the name of religion and justify it with the first amendment)

But as soon as someone comes out and says they are an atheist and don't blindly believe in something without proof he/she is ridiculed and called an asshole for mocking people? Just like the first amendment protects you when you say you hear voices in your head that are angles or god, the same amendment protect him when he says he doesn't believe in fairy tails and wants evidence.

And before you try to criticize me about there being "proof", listen to your own words first. There may be evidence that give some stories credit, the best legends are those that exaggerate parts of history. You belief and faith are just that. Blindly trusting something without evidence. Google the definitions if you need to. As soon as there is valid evidence it is no longer faith.