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side notes

The Network, by the way, if you havent seen it is largely a complaint about how the media regularly distorts, lies, and denies Americans a voice.

In the movie, Beale, 'the mad prophet of the airwaves' is assassinated by his employer, who later report that his death was caused by "terrorists."

Snowden is the fictional character who takes over for Beale in the end.

Aside from other similarities, it was also suggested that our Edward Snowden, the character said to be in russia airport, is actually an actor who has taken over to perform a stage play. Journalists Jon Rappaport, original whistleblower John Young, author/activist Wolfe, along with several dailypaulers have all suggested that this story doesn't quite add up. Plausibly this is an effort to make up for faltering mainstream media ratings to keep us sheep entertained.

entire screenplay here: