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we've got a likely neo-con, Keynesian "nerd" of a gov. Until Feds cut off the spigot, he's content buying public bridges to Canada, stadiums, and probably would take up Krugman to be the state that is America's anti-alien attack laser hub.

They are absolutely ridiculous. Also, for your further outrage, note they are funding the Detroit Red Wings. One of the iconic sports franchises. Do you believe the Detroit Red Wings would leave Detroit? And go where? The suburbs? Nope. Not a chance with all the teams and action moving back to the city. The team has no leverage to demand any finance sweetheart deals, and is getting a deal any way.

The state has NO reason to fund this, and they are any way. Kind of an opposite take on that saying popularized by Mother Theresa. "If you are a Keynesian and like using other peoples money, but don't have a any reason to.... Do it any way."