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Since kosher law requires

Since kosher law requires that all meat from land animals are soaked and salted 3 times Jews are more suspectible to high blood pressure and heart disease as well. Our food tends to be pretty high in saturated fats that also results in a tendency to Alzheimer's Disease. IMHO a kosher diet doesn't increase longevity.

What follows was the answer from the OU to my question about whether GMO's were considered kosher -

Thank you for contacting the OU.

The OU is a Kosher certifying agency. Health aspects of food production are beyond our area of expertise. Issues of health and safety are the domain of the FDA and USDA, and the OU will certify products that are in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations.

Halacha is extremely sensitive to matters of health, to the extent that chamira sakanta meisura (life-threatening health concerns generally take precedence over Halachic restrictions). Nonetheless, as a kashrus agency, the expertise of the OU is limited to the domain of kosher supervision, and the evaluation of the health status of a product is beyond the scope of the OU’s mandate. There are government agencies that are entrusted with the responsibility of insuring the safety of food items, and the OU certifies products that meet the criteria of public health and safety requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have any further questions.


The Web(be) Rebbe
Orthodox Union Kashruth Division

What makes absolutely no sense to me is that rabbis are neither geneticists nor farmers. They make these rulings without a single shred of scientific evidence and are basing their decisions based solely on cost and convenience (plus whatever other Zionist monkey business is going on). The general consensus in the religious community here is that the gene splice used to create something like a spidergoat ( is too small to matter. For me personally, you're either kosher or you're not and the spider DNA isn't kosher.