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Comment: I was introduced to John Hagee last week

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I was introduced to John Hagee last week

I liked his FOUR BLOOD MOONS video.

I'm sure that Hagee and those who believe that Ron Paul represents people who HATE ISRAEL and HATE Jews, blaming them for ALL the world's problems, would have had issues with Ron Paul. Ron paul was a huge learning curve for me, unlike some who were light years ahead and knew everything. As I said in my previous post. I'm slow.

I find it facinating that Ron Paul's statement that, "Israel is our friend", got me interested in Israel. The more I saw, the more I liked, to the point, I LOVE Israel. I stand with Israel.

I agree with Ron Paul, that we don't need to pass out ANY foreign aid, including to Israel. Israel is so far ahead of the USA, it's apparent to me the USA needs Israel more than Israel needs the USA.

It's no wonder the USA is going to HELL. It appears some people can't get there fast enough. God Speed.