Comment: The rules and laws we follow,

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The rules and laws we follow,

The rules and laws we follow, come from trial and error by other human beings trying to get along throughout history. Plenty of them are bad, and constantly needs to be updated from a more current view.

As for who created us, who knows? Scientists have a theory, and it sounds pretty solid for now. Considering they keep studying the issue as technology advances.

Anyone who tries to explain it with "the bible says" however, are simply neglecting every logical aspect of our scientific evolution due to what some other humans wrote down hundreds of years ago. I understand that it would feel nice to have someone to blame for all our shortcomings. Some people blame Jehova, Shiva, Thor and Oden, Zeus or perhaps just the Sun. Some join a cult and believe it was the aliens.

Some claim "insert random god here" spoke to them and they've felt his presence. Sure, I can take shrooms right now and get a godly experience. We have a widely accepted mental condition called schizophrenia were I can be myself one day and someone else the next.

Now in 2013, religion is more about culture than anything else. It's very obvious that religious nonsense is loosing footing thanks to the internet, there's fewer things to be afraid about, and many other view points than your local ministers to listen to.

It's perfectly ok to me if someones existance on planet earth becomes easier if they have an imaginary friend to talk to. But it saddens me that so many choose(in the few cases where it is a choice, and not indoctrination) the easy way and accept a pre-packaged god. Packaged by other humans. Who simply don't know shit, yet claim to do.