Comment: After "We, The People"... "We, The Thug" ?

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After "We, The People"... "We, The Thug" ?

"Cases" like Martin vs. Zimmerman give a glimpse of what's likely, slowly but surely being cooked behind the veil of dear MSM, as Bill pointed out... Let's see...

And, how about ORDERING the police TO STOP intervening, at some point? Huh?! Oh, yeah... Time for an history refresher on an old trick, which only takes a few years in brewing; then, you can do it against any target "undesirable" group of your choice, say... "evil constitutionalists" or "selfish libertarians" or "underdog capitalists" tomorrow :

[...] In November 1938, Goebbels got the chance to take decisive action against the Jews for which he had been waiting when a Jewish youth, Herschel Grynszpan, shot a German diplomat in Paris, Ernst vom Rath, in revenge for the deportation of his family to Poland and the persecution of German Jews generally. On 9 November, the evening vom Rath died of his wounds, Goebbels was at the Bürgerbräu Keller in Munich with Hitler, celebrating the anniversary of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch with a large crowd of veteran Nazis. Goebbels told Hitler that "spontaneous" anti-Jewish violence had already broken out in German cities. When Hitler said he approved of what was happening, Goebbels took this as authorization to organise a nationwide pogrom against the Jews. He wrote in his diary:

[Hitler] decides: demonstrations should be allowed to continue. The police should be withdrawn. For once the Jews should get the feel of popular anger ... I immediately gave the necessary instructions to the police and the Party. Then I briefly spoke in that vein to the Party leadership. Stormy applause. All are instantly at the phones. Now people will act.

The result of Goebbels' incitement was Kristallnacht, the "Night of Broken Glass," during which the S.A. and Nazi Party went on a rampage of anti-Jewish violence and destruction, killing at least 90 and maybe as many as 200 people, destroying over a thousand synagogues and hundreds of Jewish businesses and homes, and dragging some 30,000 Jews off to concentration camps, where at least another thousand died before the remainder were released after several months of brutal treatment [...]

Ha! Now you remember why you have in fact A SECOND BEST reason to defend your 2A... after the state got rotten, you could also - God forbid - find much more numerous and threatening rotting at your door... "The People" become... "The Thug".

History doesn't just repeat itself. It stutters.

Do not take this reminder lightly.

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