Comment: "Their creator", not "The creator".

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"Their creator", not "The creator".

The text says "their creator", not "the creator" for a reason. Your rights, according to the document, exist because of whichever creator you believe in. The founders didn't leave it up to chance that we would all agree on a creator, so you get to choose. For me, my parents created me, and thus, they gave me these rights. For you, God created you and thus, he gave you your rights. It doesn't matter who you believe created you, whether it was God, or man, or spontaneous generation. You have rights because as a people, we tend to agree that our rights come from whoever, or whatever created us.
The Constitution is a legal document and legal wording is used to makes sure that the document has the proper affect. It is not a religious document which promotes belief in a God as a creator. It allows individuals to hold their own belief about their own creation, even if that is not supernatural, and that act of being created, or existing, even if you owe that to your parents, means you have rights. Even if you don't agree with the government about where you came from, you still have the rights according to your creator, even if you don't believe that it is "the" creator.

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