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LOL, you're an immature, obnoxious, bigot. Not me..

I am Jewish. I am Christian. I am both. You don't understand because you are ignorant. I don't believe in religion by blood, but if I did, or it were a requirement, I would be both Jewish and Christian by blood.

You can attempt to divide other Christians and Jews by trying to act like I'm one or the other, trying to kiss the rear of the other. But I am Christian and Jew. By Faith, and by blood.

Considering all the anti-Jew, death to the Jews, death to Israel, death to the USA, chants I hear from muslims from different countries and tribes, I have no doubt who the ones with Bigotry and Hate in their hearts are. I know the radical Muslim agenda is to take over the world by force, Jihad. That is literally a major part of you religion.

Israel is super tiny. Smaller than New Jersey, seriously. Surrounded by many, vastly larger, crappy Islamic theocratic dictatorships. Really, those places suck. You wouldn't wanna be gay or be a 'medical marijuana' smoker in Iran, or Turkey, or Lebanon, or Jordan, or any of them for that matter.

Despite those facts, Israel gave the Gaza strip and West Bank (under UN, therefore US pressure) to Muslims who refuse to live next to Jews and Christians in peace. There are plenty of Muslims who do live peacefully in Israel. So what's up with the ones who don't? Why do they hate Israel? Because they hate Jews!

How can the "Palestinians" demand separation, segregation, and their own Islamic state, and then COMPLAIN and call it Apartheid?

Go ahead and get the whole family to sign in and down vote me. Make sure they use all their screen names. You Jew-haters are the ultimate TROLLS on DP! Never a liberty issue, never a constitutional issue, or relevant in America, always more anti-Israel WAR-MONGERING!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?