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Absolutely Right.

The Muslims were allied with the Nazis.

The Grand Mufti and Hitler made an alliance. There was even a Bosnian Muslim SS Unit. Famous for their brutality.

Persia was renamed Iran, meaning 'aryan', for this reason. They were grafted into the Nazi Supermenschen, Ya.

People who think Israel was a "Zionist" (whoever they were) idea, or as if "Zionism" (whatever that means) was Jews' idea, needs to research "THE ODESSA PLAN"!!!

There was a plan made by Hitler and Mufti and the globalist elite to, in the case of an allied victory, have all Jewish refugees denied asylum in most European nations and the USA. Israel would be set up by British Nazi partners and the Rothschilds to funnel many remaining Jews in Europe to Israel, where they would be attacked immediately by all the bordering Muslim nations and destroyed. Of course the British hedged their bets, and the Jews won. Just as it says in the Bible.

So. Israel earned it's right to re-exist. Again. And while similar plans are underway to put Israel between a rock & a hard place, and the globalists have succeeded in making Israel a hotbed for conflict, and therefore a money-maker for the global MIC, when it comes down to it next time. G-d will be on Israel's side.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?