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Agree ^^^

A high fat ketogenic diet is an excellent tool and that is the first thing I would do if she were my child. Organic virgin coconut oil is a must. Ensure there are plenty of good eggs from pastured chickens in the diet. Choline from egg yolks is an excellent nutrient. Don't scramble the eggs all the time. Keep the yolks intact - better absorbed. You can even mix raw egg yolk into a shake. Organic food only, no pesticides, no gmo's. Do the best you can with the budget you have.

No vax, no vax, no more vax!!! (I know everyone has their own opinions on vax, but I am just telling you what I would do if she were my child.)

I'd also do a heavy metal cleanse, but not go overboard with supplements until after the diet has been changed over. But Vitamin D is vital - use sunshine!!

As for removing toxins, apple pectin capsules are very inexpensive. The pectin binds to and eliminates heavy metals and toxins that are accumulated in the body from vax/meds, pollution, fluoride, etc. Make sure you use filtered drinking water with no fluoride in it.

Fresh air and plenty of sunshine go a long way toward rejuvenating the body.

I wish you and your family the best.

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