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Hello rprpfreedom

As a father of two teenager daughters my heart is with you. Can there be anything more difficult to watch than have our child sick and helpless?

Theory is that the body creates the fever to burn up something it doesn't want. It's the way the body works. Along that line of thinking the seizure was her body trying to get well. We panic and seek doctor help. I know that is difficult to see when she is going through it.

And the medical business seems to know nothing and their only tool is to medicate. Don't get me wrong they are great at saving lives in a crisis situation and they are great because they have had a lot of practice as we are a sick group.

I would (and have for my family)look into both the health and nutritional deficiencies of mom and dad. Our children inherit those features.

I would feed them whole foods and we have settled on high fat (think coconut oil, butter) moderate animal protein and low carbs. Think eggs and ground meats. I would provide fluoride free and chlorine free water. Chlorine and Fluoride complicate iodine uptake. Among other things.

I would throw out the bread, pasta and other processed foods and avoid soy. Bromine in bread complicates iodine uptake. Among other things.

I would look into any recent or past vaccine injections and get the ingredients from the providers.

Word is that we have excess toxins in our body and some inherited from our parents and we are nutrient deficient. Lead, mercury, dioxins, cadmium, arsenic, plastics, aluminum and on and on.

Much to learn from websites like

Great information in books like

Detoxify or Die by Dr Sherry Rogers
The High Blood Pressure Hoax again Rogers
Iodine-Why you need it by David Brownstein

In short we follow nature and feed the body what it needs (and I know there is much debate here) and that all poor health is caused by toxins (that manifest to disease)and low nutrients that prevent or complicate the body's natural ability to detoxify. It appears that the body needs more nutrients to detoxify when it is not well.

More good news is that your daughter is young (you should try it with a 10 & 12 year old) and much can be done using many different and inexpensive tactics that provide her with what she needs.

I know that some of the foods I have nixed taste very good and do they nourish?

More good news is that when we get what we need our body discards via pee, poop, sweat and breath all the things it doesn't want and that includes the drugs they sent you home with.

So to summarize I would not panic (at least not in front of your daughter)and do some research and get her well. There are many easy to do options.

Good luck and it is doable.