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The same place your god came

The same place your god came from?
If you can use the answer "its always been there" then so can non theist.

But there are actually several answers to it. Scientist are developing and testing more and more theories to answer that very question.
But the fact is we can already create those particles from 'nothing' as some would call it. In reality that statement is incorrect. It is the laws of thermodynamics that govern the creation of these particles.
In simple terms a closed system is constant, so yes you cannot create energy or matter unless you create anti-energy or anti-matter. I have never heard of someone talking about anti-energy, but since E=MC^2 energy is matter.
And I am sure you have heard of anti-matter. The real question is what happened to anti-matter and why has it decayed quicker than matter. Not where did it come from.

And I am what some would call agnostic. I cannot prove or disprove the notion of a god. And since there is nothing proving one or many cant exist then there is always a chance one will. I however believe that if there is some 'god' as people try to worship then it would be an alien, extraterrestrial.
But believing absolutely that there is this all powerful god that you must worship to be saved even though there no evidence to it is why atheist look at theist as stupid. You will argue that science doesn't have the answer to everything yet, yet provide no supporting evidence to the claims you make.
Atheist, while they have a better claim, still make some of the same mistakes. While it is better to say something doesn't exist or chose not to believe it until there is proof of it than to claim something exist with no proof, it is far from ideal. But you wouldn't believe me if I told you invisible people were surrounding me without proof either.