Comment: Atheism vs Theism isn't the problem

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Atheism vs Theism isn't the problem

At all.

I'm pro Christianity, although I'm an atheist.

The religion of statism is the real problem. And it's a hell of a lot more people who believe they are atheists that worship at the altar of the state.

I'm an atheist because I am a methodological skeptic. That doesn't mean I know god doesn't exist. It means I don't know he does exist. I'll become a theist the instant I see empirical or logical evidence. I have no bias either way. On the plus it would be really nice and comforting if there was a god, on the minus I'd want to ask him wtf'ing f, but hopefully when he was in a good mood after a few beers.

That said religion is the free market solution to morality and culture propagation as well as organized charity, and historically education. So long as the religion in question has no coercive powers it is, in my opinion, benign.

Christianity especially is benign and philosophically consonant with liberty. Look at all of the Christians in the liberty movement! Not to disparage other religions but I don't see them in such large numbers but it's likely because there just aren't as many in the US.

Ultimately I just look at it from an economic perspective. If it exists in a free society (which is the same thing as a free market) it must have value to people that they are willing to trade resources for.

Yes some of the claims seem dubious, and yes some actors like the Jim Bakers or worse the Jim Jones, are criminal. But there are criminals in all lines of work, and the vast majority of clergy are providing a service their flock is willing to pay for.

So long as I am neither forced to fund, forced to participate, nor forced to obey any particular organization, I am very much in favor of this activity.