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Comment: I am all for others who want to play this game.

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I am all for others who want to play this game.

However, I will not.

What I have done is write detailed summaries of how Mike Kelly [and others] has been voting [against the Constitution] with valid links, and posting and emailing everybody in my contacts list.

The crooks in office do not care about specific issues, they will merely vote that way again once the smoke has cleared. They already know exactly how and why they voted, regardless of what their constituents want or say.

If everybody understands how there representatives represented them, the crooked politician has a better chance of being ousted. This requires work on my part, but it is the better solution to the problem.

Coddling our reps when they do good part of the time but not the rest of the time has been the cause of our great nation deteriorating over the decades. It is long past time to stand on principle and rid the corruption once and for all.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul