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Addressing each of your paragraphs in order...

1. People might subscribe to a judge, or they might pay a judge only when they use them - there's no way to know in advance. But you're right that if they did subscribe, they would be more concerned about "fairness" (if by that you mean not being noticeably biased toward either defendants or plaintiffs), since customers wouldn't know in advance whether they'll be seeing the judge as a plaintiff or defendant.

But this is not a rebuttal to my point (that customers will hire judges capable of enforcing their decisions), because (1) being fair and being capable of enforcing your decisions are not mutually exclusive, and (2) no matter how fair you are, you will still have no customers unless you can enforce those fair rulings.

2. Being strong enough to enforce your own ruling and doing so does not entail being a bully or violating the NAP.

3. Even though it sounds funny, I'm pretty sure "is" is grammatically correct, since "number" is singular.

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