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Let's say DRO-1 made a ruling in favor of its client, the plaintiff, and the defendant was a client of DRO-2. If DRO-2 is much stronger than 1, then DRO-1 is prevented from enforcing its ruling.

But what if the original ruling of DRO-1 were fair (according to what the majority of customers think "fair" is -- hopefully as close to the NAP as possible).

Now what happens to the reputation of DRO-2? The customers don’t care about strength as much as they care about fairness. They won't support DRO-2 because they know that they can be screwed by their own DRO. Don't forget, a customer of DRO-2 can be sued by another customer of DRO-2.

People don't only want results (strength), they want fairness as well as strength. And much of the strength or weakness of a DRO comes from its customers support, or lack of support, because the consumer is king.