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My understanding of time.

I didn't read any of these posts until the OP had already deleted his post. But I am intrigued by some of the answering posts and would like to place my two cents in here according to what I have read.

In reference to "gawd". If memory serves me correct, that is the name of yet another false god of old and some have tried to make the connection of similar sound between gawd and god to try and make god a bad word amongst believers. I'm not sure what this guys thing was since I didn't actually get to read his post. But I do have a small problem with the word god simply because god is a singular that is translated from the plural "elohim" which is translated God when referring to the true God of Scripture but is also rendered "gods" when referring to false gods. Some people claim that elohim is "a name of God" but this is erroneous on many levels. Anyway god is sufficient but not quite accurate as a translation of elohim in that there is some meaning lost in translation.

"I am Yahweh thy elohim (God) who brought thee out of the land of Egypt..., thou shall have no other elohim (gods) before me." Exodus 20

IN reference to "time". Everything that Yahweh makes has a cycle or is a circle. The planets are spheres, the weather works in cycles, crops, animals, solar events, everything is based on some sort of cycle or circle.

Time is no different. Think of time as a loop that begins and ends at the same point. Made for man. From the birth of civilization (creation) to the destruction of civilization and all over again. GOD being spirit and creator looks at this vast loop and can see any point on it. At the point between destruction and creation there is a rest and when creation starts anew the former creation is forgotten. And just as a seed will grow the same kind of plant from which it came yet it will not be identical, so will this new creation be like the former creation, yet not identical, and producing a crop and seed for the next loop.

You could also take into consideration mobious loops and/or fractals that may also have a connection with time.