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Most Muggers and hold up artists who shoot thought their lives dependent on it. Gang shoot outs that kill innocent people shoot wildly in fear of their lives. So self defense when someone has no business being where they are in fear of their lives is not legal self-defense.

Zimmerman's right to harass and threaten Trayvon somehow without even asking Trayvon what he was doing, was of a self-appointed town watch captain. As gun advocates remind us is someone wants a gun badly enough they will get it. Zimmerman proves that if someone badly wants to legally authority to harass threaten and even kill they will find a way to get it. Shame on all you for defending the right to kill by a self-appointed police official.

I personally don't think guns do much to protect our freedom. However the theory or mind-set that one must compromise freedom in pursuit of security is a huge threat to our freedom system.

Our President is a powerful spokesperson for the mindset of the need to compromise freedom for security.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA