Comment: alright I have something strange to say

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alright I have something strange to say

alright i have something strange to say, but I know the people on this site are thinkers, so here it is. I Have the courage to do so only because what I have to say makes sense and I have semi-anonymity here.

I take everything with a grain of salt, and not that this is too important even if it is true, but I keep things like this in the back of my mind. I find it very interesting to say the least, And It's the kid in me.

But doesn't Scarborough's face look red and squinty? I was just telling a relative that when an important issue of dividing the country comes up in the news. The person that is causing negative ruckus, something is frequently going on with there eyes (at that moment).

I also find it interesting that the video is in a smaller window of the actual viewing area, making it even more difficult to see the eyes.

When i clicked the associated video after this one ends called " Scarborough blasts Hannity etc.
I watched the lady who he is frequently with on the show. She is on the opposite side of the screen, She's almost seems to wonder whats going on with him, as if she is thinking why is he picking this topic?. Or where is he going with this?

Or that's not like him. When she nods she's just going along but trying to figure him out.
On both videos he is hitting sensitive issues, and on both his eyes are doing this.

I only started picking this up when I saw someone on YouTube saying this, and said to look for it yourself and you will find it, and I just did! as opposed to someone telling you.

Not that it will change how I operate. It's good to know I suppose. I really haven't a clue.