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After being involved for a long time, I kinda get where Rand is going. He does screw up sometimes. His philosophy is there, but his delivery is under microscopic scrutiny. Even I got pissed off today when I read about 'minority rights'.. that is not a son of Ron Paul speaking and that was a blatant fuck up. Rand should be sharper than that misstep.

I look at things long term. Could you enlighten me to anyone else with more conviction positioning themselves to run? If Ron trusts his son... can I trust him too?

This is a game of chess and not checkers. I want our side to fucking win.

That being said.. there is a saying... 'Politics makes strange bedfellows.' Understanding the personal value of the person next to you in this wicked game is absolutely essential to reaching any amount of success. You can have an idea that can change the world.. but if you do not have a network, then good luck. McConnell is a valuable ally. So is Boehner. We can use them to our advantage until we overpower their leadership. They play the game.. Rand can outsmart them, out position them and actually lead.

Both you two are youngsters.. or at least new to our movement. While I embrace your criticism, dont forget of those that sacrificed thousands of dollars and hours before you. Our heart never waivered either. Your passion is shared. True story.

Im not trying to sound condescending. I promise. We are all in this to win. May I ask that you look at the 5 principles you stand for and as long as Rand does not deviate from those principles, you have his back? Give him a break... Is he going to drone kill you? Is he going to allow his administration get away with lying under oath??

We need to pick our battles wisely. So far, Rand has displayed great leadership. Leadership that will hold people accountable for failure and law breaking. That is a step in the direction America needs to go.

I hope you catch my drift..

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul