Comment: The only reason "Trayvon

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The only reason "Trayvon

The only reason "Trayvon supporters" made an example of this case was to say, 'If this kid was a wealthy white kid, the police, legal system, media, and public would see this differently'.

And that the difference works out more often than not to the detriment of people with darker skin.

George Zimmerman would not have been let go as quickly that night by police. Fox News would find it hard to believe the kid randomly attacked Zimmerman, and MSNBC wouldnt give a got damn. And the daily paul wouldn't be posting irreverent remarks about a dead 17 year old as if confirming the rumors that Ron and Rand Paul supporters are all white tea party racists somehow is going to sell people on the second amendment.

I'm not defending anyone who says they know for a fact whos right and wrong. I am just trying to defend people who are simply stating feelings and concerns they have socially about this case, and are being attacked as if they are dumbasses for simply having a unique perspective of the world they live in, and expressing that.