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Comment: Who Do We Support?

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Who Do We Support?

Who do we support in the US Senate? Cruz would keep Guantanamo open and his wife works for Goldman Sachs. Rand Paul gave his support to Mitt Romney, voted for the Patriot Act and now has thrown his support to Mitch McConnell in his 2014 campaign. Neither is perfect.

Among all those mentioned as Presidential contenders in 2016, who should we support? Amash is not on the Presidential radar. Marco Rubio is a Tea Party turncoat among turncoats. Who should we support for President in 2016? We are still in the two-party system. Gary Johnson burned his bridges with the Republican Party. We don't have a Ron Paul around to run this time around, unless he comes out of retirement.

There are very few liberty minded Senators. Rand Paul & Ted Cruz are the two most prominent and if we don't support them, then who do we support? They are not perfect, but they deserve our support, lest we end up with someone like Congressman Peter King (R-NY) for President. Should we just settle for Hillary vs Peter King in 2016? No, I don't think so. Neither Cruz, Paul nor Mike Lee are perfect, but anyone of them is monumentally better than any other choices on the horizon.