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independent is not a group, it's the absence of a group. From the second you tell people that you are running for office, people will start to try to befriend, buy or manipulate you. "Hi I'm the head of the local green energy group, we have 5000 members. Come stop by our offices I think we can help you." or "myself and the head of dick and dick associates will be stopping for dinner and drinks tonight, come by if you're around". Being an R or a D gives you instant access to a group and their friends. As you gain support from other certain groups, your political "beliefs" will have to shift slightly to accommodate them. As you do this other groups will see who you affiliate yourself with and either join in or not and so goes your political career. Accessing the leader of a group gives you access to their members and their votes which is much faster than accessing individuals. This is why we need to form liberty groups so that we can give the politicians a choice that they may believe in to align themselves with. Many libertarians don't understand this for some reason and work to tear down our own groups as soon as they gain traction in the name of purity so we're forever herding cats. Every time we start to attract another group "we're being co-opted!". Giving speeches can also give you access to groups but you have to first become someone who can attract a crowd to talk to.

Dr Paul knows this and is forming groups and giving speeches as well as starting media outlets.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,