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I disagree

It is natural for people to gather together according to their language, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is natural. You want to be with your own kind. Look at Los Angeles! The city with almost every nationality and ethnicity on earth! And what do people do? They live with their own "kind" if you would. China town, Little Taipei, Little Tokyo, K-Town, Little Ethiopia, Persian town, Lebanese town, Vietnamese towns, etc, you name it. So are all these people racists for not wanting to live with people different than them?

Why? I just like to eat my own cultural cuisine better! Is that racist? I just like to go to my own cultural supermarkets better! Is that racist? I just like to read news in my native language better! Is that racist? I just like to make friends with people like me and understand my culture! Is that racist? Of course not!

Culture and language defines a group of people. And I think it is very natural to stay within your own culture and language group. And it is not racist for wanting to stay that way.

And of course, people do venture out of their comfort zone once in awhile, but we all have a home and we all have our own culture and language and ways of life in our own home. So it is natural to congregate according to your particular culture and language. And without government interference, people will do just that. And it will always be the minority (i mean in numbers) that ventures out and reach out to a new group of people.

Having said all that, now as a Christian, I know for a fact that this cultural and language barrier can be broken, but only in Christ. And even for Christians of different cultural backgrounds, things can be touchy. But while we are on earth, there will always be people of different tribes, tongues, and nations. And this is not racist because there is only ONE RACE --- the human race.