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I think

Voluntary racial segregation "could be" normal and natural in the short-term, and letting that be will promote good relations and integration in the long-run.

The problem is this notion of congenital differences.

There are people who: don't hate black people, don't believe in white supremacy, but who will believe that a black guy walking across the street might rob them because of his melatonin levels.

People say, "but statistics show..." - yeah, maybe that if you take a criminal, chances are he might be black. The point is that - logic people - this does not imply that the black guy walking down the sidewalk is a criminal.

Not that a great many people believe that. But my point is that I have seen racism in America, lots of places, and it's of this form. It's not hatred, it's just a bias that takes facts and stretches them.

That's racism, and it's not justified by facts, and it's wrong. It's not a tragedy or a crime, it's just ignorance.

And, for what it's worth, I'm white and if I really hated or judged anyone it's the goddamn hysterical hypersocial emotionally dysfunctional IRISH!!! I'm half-kidding, half-serious.