Comment: God is concept, not character

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God is concept, not character

Check out this talk on the origins of Monotheism:

I actually only found this a few weeks ago, but someone passed on the search term Zoroaster after a discussion on the difference between God and religion.

I considered myself an Athiest for some time. It was until I read the Tao Teh Ching that I understood what God means.

Saying you don't believe in God is the same as saying you don't believe in Love, or in Anger. They are states. The are real reactions to conditions in your environment. The concept of God is simply that we enjoy a better state of being when we stop thinking about ourselves and appreciate our friends, family, nature and all that we have (instead of being mad about what you don't have).

That is what it means to live in God's Kingdom. It has nothing to do with parting a sea, walking on water, saying prayers, or drinking wine with a cracker in a building down the street.

A church is a community center. It should be a place to talk about Morality; not Religion.

Ritual is an avoidance of dealing with Morality.

Check out this article about Star Wars and "spirituality":

I actually worked on Star Wars products and use many quotes and concepts to explain Christian philosophy (as I do with Lord of the Rings), but the writer is right, there is nothing like "give to those you ask" in Star Wars.

Jack Wagner