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I up voted because...

we are getting to discuss rights.

In my opinion, rights are nothing more than an idea. The way I see this idea beginning is out of self-interest. I see you, I do not know you, and I do not wish for you to kill me. I also presume you do not know me and you do not want me to kill you. So we create this idea called a right to life and as long as it is respected you wont kill me and I wont kill you. The idea of rights then forms a basis for humanity, or how humans should treat other humans.

(life, not to be killed without cause, liberty, not to be enslaved or imprisoned without cause, property, not have my things taken from me without cause, pursuit of happiness, to be able to contract for time and labor as I see fit, etc.)

Basically the golden rule creates rights, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When Ron Paul spoke of this and was booed in a debate I felt humanity was lost.

Fortunately we have a government established on this idea of rights so even if others do not believe in the idea, it is able to be protected, by law.

The bill of rights lists a few of the basic rights that are fundamental and frankly do not really need to be mentioned, but if there are other rights I would like those people I interact with to be aware of I would be expected to notify them of those rights. That is also protected by our government in the 9th amendment.

This is all just my opinion though, the debate whether rights are god given or how ever they are bestowed seems irrelevant compared to whether they are being respected or not.

When you see police or civilians killing people without some sort of public trial to prove to humanity that there was cause to kill then the right of life has not been respected, when people are forced to get a permit or license to perform some job, then the right to pursuit of happiness has not been respected.

I am afraid the idea is fading if we do not start respecting the fundamental ones at least.