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Good job. If I wanted to

Good job. If I wanted to sound like that I would have. But good question. You can read how careful I made my honest case on something you see plainly. I didn't bring up those things specifically, you did. I still find it interesting though. I posed it in a manner for a rational person to think.

Personally doesn't matter to me if its the case that they exist in relationship to being afraid. It just means it's been going on and I didn't know. If it is true. they are hiding for a reason(rationally speaking). Maybe its because we have more power than them. Following a belief in the Serpent logic, I guess if your a Christian, It changes perspective view of things, especially of creating clarity in what Adam was actually speaking to in the garden in genesis.

Rationally speaking, was Adam afraid? No, this dilemma seems to be challenging us on an awareness level which would logically be its power. We should challenge likewise. The bible says to be wise as serpents yet harmless as doves Matthew 10:16.

I guess my point is keep it in the back burner of your mind to be aware of, but no reason to freak out. Live on as usual with deeper understanding.