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That would be incorrect

I joined the Libertarian Party in 1976, and remained until 1992 (I did not support Ron Paul in 88 as I saw him as a Republican who infiltrated our party, that had many fine Libertarians who, IMO, deserved the denomination. I was not happy with the way we were controlled, the in fighting, the "who's the narc" at meetings, the lack of debates, the constant struggle for ballot access, and I had discoved cannabis industrial hemp, and believed it was a solution fior many problems, where the Libertarians had turned against hemp and focused on medical cannabis, marijuana. I felt that marijuana was a slang word and did not belong in the courts, IF we were serious.

So I joined Ralph Nader in opening debates and ballot access, and he suggested I register, "Decline to State Party" (now known as No Party Preferance). I worked with Ralph Nader in three elections in two states, where we collected dozens of law suits,, in dozens of states, and lost every one except the ones that were dismissed, from 1992.

When Ron Paul made his Republican bid, I was NOT pleased with his being in the GOP. I met him in San Francisco in 2007, and begged him to go Indy, as by this time I had many connections. His manager, Kent Snyder told me to back off, that Ron had made his mind up about the GOP, so either join Ron Paul, or move on. I worked very hard for Ron Paul's campaign, but refused to join the GOP.

When Ron Paul made his second GOP bid, I registered Republican in 2011. I beame district team leader of NW CA, and achieved the third most primary votes for Ron Paul in CA. I became a national delegate when I petitioned, qualifed, and won my seat on my county's Republican Central Committee. They did not want me. They made it very difficult. I prevailed. I am now an elected officer in my county.

To me, principle means that even when things don't go the way you like, you stick with it. Which I have done in the GOP. This has turned my GOP from a Neocon GOP to a Liberty GOP.

Ron Paul has inspired me to do things I thought I would NEVER do, such as join the GOP and be elected to a committee. He is not a rock star to me, and has disappointed me, in that people like me, took some very hard blows, sacrified a lot, spent a lot of money, and then he let the GOP run over us, complimented them, and let them get away with robbing US, of a nominee.

I was not impressed how he forgot about Restoring the Republic and fighting for constitutional laws, when he fought to gain (there are 22 Ron Paul's in the USA). He went to the international courts, where he lost.

Now he has a new business, filled with ex-CIA and government hacks, and his old racist friends, in the Ron Paul Institute. Will he back Rand? He once said he agreed with Rand 99%. I'm very curious to see what he will do, if anything.

I have had principles before I knew Ron Paul, who's message in the Ron paul rEVOLution was great. His brilliance of taking the GOP is the best political move of my life, despite the trials and tribulations, we have won.

I say what I see, and do not fear being wrong, as that is an opportunity to learn. I do what I say I'm going to do. I stand alone, do not seek to be a collective. There is a big difference between friendly and friend.

Ron Paul's "explosive" growth of support was not where he needed it, in the GOP. Those who joined the GOP I respect. Those who did not, I tolerate and don't trust to be mature enough to make the kind of sacrifices it takes to win.

It made me physically ill to join the GOP. I was afraid to go to my first GOP meeting. I felt played having to vote Romney (Not for Romney.. FOR my committee seat and the people who elected me hoping I would bring change to our GOP. And I have) And that is what principles are.

The rEVOLution was bigger than Ron Paul. If all you got is Ron Paul, you ain't got much.

I ADORE my Lord God Jesus Christ and he is the only person I TRUST.

I have no fear and will speak my truth, which is funny to those who agree with the truth the way I see it, and angers those who do not. I have no sympathy for liars, cheats, passive agressive frauds, and for what ever anyone thinks about me, My Lord God Jesus Christ LOVES me very very much, for I am most blessed, abundantly and constantly.

May the blessing of peace be with you.