Comment: The ENTIRE Washington establishment Democrat and Republican

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The ENTIRE Washington establishment Democrat and Republican

Ought to be damn worried. They BARELY won the battle (re: Amash amendment)...

and based on the vote tally and unification of backbencher Democrats and Republicans who have not yet been blackmailed, they are slowly losing the war.

Interesting article on Infowars concerning Lindsay Graham being blackmailed:

Every name who voted no on 2399 should be permanently posted on the front page of the DP. These are the enemies of Liberty.

Notice there is almost a virtual blackout of MSM interviews with any politician who supported the Amash amendment.

They will bombard us with interviews and opinions only of Christie, Bachmann, Issa, Boehner, Cantor, Wasserman-Schultz, McCain, Graham, Rubio, Feinstein, Kristol, Krauthammer, the CFR gang and the former PNAC gang.

Consider that Globalists and Neo-cons had to unite and still BARELY beat that amendment!