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Wrong wrong wrong.

First off, I have tried to refrain from commenting on this case also,but I have to say your post has irritated me to the point where I have to comment. First flaw in your so called facts." Zimmerman was allowed to follow Travon". Wrong! any neighborhood watch in any part of the country will tell you that you are never allowed to follow someone, to stop someone or try to prevent a crime you are a neighborhood watch and all you are allowed to do is Watch. Zimmerman knew this and the 911 operator reminded him of it but instead of listening to instructions from an officer , Zimmerman wanted to play Junior G-man.

Secondly,"it's pretty much established that Travon attacked Zimmerman".How do you know this I thought it was pretty much established that there were no witnesses to the crime except one man who said he saw two men wrestling on the ground with one man wearing black but he really couldn't tell because it was too dark. Where does that establish the fact that Travon attacked Zimmerman? and by the way doesn't the 17-year-old black kid have a right to stand his ground also, I mean he's walking in a neighborhood minding his own business and he's being followed by a guy is no credidntials, no uniform but a deadly loaded weapon.I think if I was being followed by a guy with a loaded gun I'd try to kick his ass before he pulled the gun on me.

I thought this was a libertarian site? Is this the kind of country we want where every wannabe cop with a loaded weapon has a right to stop us and ask us "what are you doing here" "where is your ID?"it's bad enough that a real cop gets to do this.And another fact that you forgot to mention was that Zimmerman approached this kid with his gun OFF safety. Anybody who is ever taken a law course knows that the only time you ever take your gun OFF safety is when you intend to use it. Either Zimmerman is a complete idiot or he approached this guy intending to use the weapon.

Another flawed fact to your theory and this one is really insulting you claim that Travon was a THUG, though he never had a criminal record and there is no evidence that he was ever in a gang .You only assume that he is a thug because he is a 17-year-old black kid. You're just proving the point that race had everything to do with this case.

Other facts you fail to mention Zimmerman was never properly equipped, he didn't have a flashlight he didn't have a tazer and he was never properly trained. He was only carrying a loaded weapon and looking for trouble.

Maybe Zimmerman had all good intentions, maybe Zimmerman never intended to kill anybody but Zimmerman made a lot of poor decisions and because of that a 17-year-old kid is dead.and when you kill someone because of your mistakes you should have to pay for the price.
This case reminds me of the cop in San Francisco who was trying to subdue another kid so he went for his tazer, but instead he grabbed his gun and shot the kid dead. He had no intentions of killing someone and to me he is far less guilty than Zimmerman and yet he is now serving 10 years in prison because of that one mistake. When you make as many poor decisions as Zimmerman did that night and someone is dead because of it , you should have to pay for your mistakes.

Oh and BTW, this case has everything to do with race because if Travon had been a 17-year-old white kid wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt and passing out campaign for liberty leaflets you guys would be screaming for Zimmerman to get the death penalty. Tell me I'm wrong.