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Guns are tools, I agree. And so are a lot of gun-owners.

Fuck off.

Please tell me how Anwar al-Aulaqi's death upsets the Daily Paul, but Trayvon Martin's doesn't.

Because Al-awlaki wasn't an immediate threat to anyone, he wasn't even a terrorist. He was a terror propagandist, and was killed without due process by the state, and not an individual.

Martin attacked someone and got shot for doing so. He committed violence unto another person and that person defended their own life.

How this is different is blatantly obvious. What is telling though is your attempt to synonymize the state with the individual. It shows a clear lack of understanding concerning natural rights.

Political convenience and racism. You're falling right into the trap of the people who want to discredit the self proclaimed 'liberty movement'.

I just can't even fathom a reply to this idiocy. Because that's all it is. It's the same levied bullshit that the media has always pushed against libertarians, without any SHRED of evidence. We're all white racists hell bent on preserving "white pride worldwide". If that's all you have troll, then move on because I really don't have time for pathetically childish attacks.

Americans don't care about innocent middle easterners dying because they are essentially terrorists until proven otherwise. White americans dont care about innocent blacks dying because they are essentially thugs until proven otherwise.

There you go, stereotyping people and trying change this case into a race issue. You're so caught up in the race of the people involved you can't see that neither case has anything to do with it. I wouldn't change my opinion of Zimmerman's actions if he was black. I didn't even care about the whole "he's hispanic, no he's white" bullshit the msm tried to play up. Al-awlaki could have been chinese, my opinion wouldn't change.

Fuck a trial. I heard he was a bad kid.

Yeah, I mean why the hell didn't Zimmerman let Martin kill him and go to court for it? Seriously?

You can't come up with an argument to defend Martin's actions without involving his race, and you are insinuating I'M the racist? Hypocrite.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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